Nashville, TN

It's definitely no secret that I LOVE the great outdoors, but I also like to "glam it up" every now and again, just as much as the next glittery or gritty gal out there!

Some of my favorite things are cooking up time honored, homemade recipes from scratch or even cooking up brand new ones using something I rarely use... a recipe book! My mamma taught me good manners & she taught me how to cook, so I really don't have problems sharing and you're always welcomed to pull up a chair!

Did I mention how I love great fashion? I'll try to be brief here, because honestly, I could go on and on regarding the wonderful world of fashion. Just suffice it to say that I'll do my best not to get too carried away with the fashion bit. But designing or sewing great fashion is also a big part of who I am!

With this website, I'd like to extend to you the many intertwined worlds of Sinshoo. Be it DIY, travel, the great outdoors, home & garden or all of the above all rolled into one!

I invite you to check-in & check back often, as I'll try to create many great posts for you!

So kick the dirt off your shoes before steppin inside! That's "code" for what the old folks used to say to me: "If you haven't something nice to say, then don't say it at all! Otherwise, you can click on that little comment button as much as your little heart desires!

Be the change you wish the world to be!!!

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