I am British Indian, born in Hong Kong.

Working as executive director in a corporate firm.

My focus on high priority projects, ensured adherence to standard, creating project initiation form.

Keeping a clear vision, mission, values, long term strategies to meet our objectives and goals.
I keep upgrading my knowledge by strengthening my skills levels :service security and risk management.

Being a executive director, i have to anticipate the consequences in the initial stages and determine the level of desire performance.

Good business is an effective engine for society, and good business needs effective oversight- at time i will take the decision on behalf of CFO.

Develop dynamic and distinctive value creation capabilities , one of the core interest lays on design and operate effective financial processes for internal and external customers to make sure they are happy with our services.

I believe always new challenges bring new opportunities with new creativity.
The road map of success in any new environment i believe personally work as a team by embracing new idea into market or business.

Thank you for sharing your time with me

Ms. SK Sandhu
Nickname : Ms Wendy