My name is Jacquelyn L. and I am the founder of Mirror Me Project, Inc. an upcoming non-profit with three entities that seeks to build confidence in mentorship, dating, and public speaking.
This vision became a part of me in May of 2015 while volunteering. I was not ecstatic about what I was witnessing among the youth in my hometown. There was rioting, looting, hopelessness, confusion, a lack of inclusion, and behaviors that would suggest they were auditioning for a scene in reality television! I was left with a question "What are you going to do about it?"
I began to prepare myself. I began writing my thoughts and ideas down. I wrote what I wanted to see: hope, growth, and inclusion in a society that lacks it; and if I could take back one life at a time I was for it!

Natural Speaks encourages:
* Individuals to pick up the pen and speak out!
*Draws awareness to the POWER your voice has!
*Lastly, it encourages FREEDOM from the inside out!

This was not an idea given to me by happenstance; but it is MY belief that this is a snippet of what I was on earth to do. Natural Speaks is 1/3 of MMP entities.

I hope you become enriched with self awareness and that you are encouraged to pick up the pen! Welcome to the Mirror Me Family!

Always remember: Keep Pressing, Keep Praying, and Stand Tall!

Jackie Love