Hey I'm Abigail, Abi, Abs, Snails...

I am 23 and live in a small town called Chesterfield in the United Kingdom.

Not a great deal goes off here hence why I am always either travelling or on mini getaways and when I am at home, most of my time is consumed dreaming/planning my next adventure!

It all started when I had enough of doing the same thing day in day out and decided to book a flight with my best friend to Australia, and it was all from there that I got itchy feet!

The reason behind the blog name 'Snail Trails' is pretty much a little snail on her trails, my nickname being snails for a number of random reasons paired with leaving trails all over this beautiful world we live in.

My great passion is photography and love the way I can capture a moment and make something beautiful with just one photo as well as leaving a lot to the imagination. I think it is very important to live each day with adventure and doing what you love and what better way to capture these moments to share and look back on; so be sure to see a lot of my photos from my travels, food and fashion because who doesn't love a good mouthwatering food photo!?

Abs x