Leon and Plutonia

Light of Hellas, Love of Heaven

Wäre das Wort „Danke“ das einzige Gebet, das Du je sprichst, so würde es genügen.
Αν η λέξη “Ευχαριστώ” ήταν η μοναδική προσευχή που έλεγες ποτέ, θα ήταν αρκετή.
Were the words “Thank you” the only prayer you ever uttered, it would be enough.
~ Meister Eckhart

We are Leon and Plutonia,
a loving couple living in Greece.
After a lifelong struggle for
survival, we have been faced
with a host of crises at both
the personal and the collective
We denied feeling sorry for
ourselves and we set up
this site with great care.

Our interests have been
broad, ranging from global
developments in many arenas
to astrology, poetry,
photography, digital art, the
art of writing and translation,
φιλία σοφίας i.e. the love of
wisdom = philosophy,

... all perceived by Leon
(the more active of us here
for now) from the deepest,
truest, purest place in all
our hearts, from the non-dual
awareness of our very divine
essence, where we directly
experience our seemingly
separate soul lights as cells
in the body of God, where we see
that we Are the infinite
consciousness perceiving and
embracing our incarnated lives
and everything in them.
Whatever each and all are
going through, through any
and all phenomena, it is only
in the sacred silence
of this awareness
that we can be awakening
to our eternal Truth.

Thank you ever so much
for your love and gratitude,
and you have ours always.

Leon and Plutonia
In Sacred Presence