Sommy has always been a fan of technology and all that has to do with media. She started this blog three years ago as an undergraduate. She was in her second year when she created this blog. The blog was focused on just motivational quotes before the site was deleted. She started again with Sominspires3 since she can't use Sominspires in WordPress free.

She studied English and Literary Studies at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She graduated last year and is yet to go for her NYSC. For now, she's focused on growing her skills as a social media manager. She designs Highlight covers for Instagram pages. She also sells cupcakes, chinchin, uniced cakes and Zobo drinks.

This blog documents her journey as a Nigerian Youth, Media Manager, Front end web developer (Beginner) and tips on social media management. She introduced awe-spiring series to keep you inspired. The series are: Be Inspired series, Media Influencers, Little Things that Matter and other categories.

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