Mary is an authentic flower child of the "Berserkly" UC Berkeley times, a survivor of Timothy Leary's LSD, and the wilderness of Telegraph Avenue, a member of the Nepenthe Family during her Big Sur squatter days, and one of "les infants terribles du paradis" before she was baptized in the Big Sur River during the Jesus Movement, a whirlwind that exploded into a painful exodus of that fair land and its people.
Mary is currently writing her soon-to-be published story called: "Song of a Flower Child and her Soldier: a memoir of the tune-in, turn-on, drop-out times".
She married John Anthony her soldier, a decorated VietNam marine in 1980. He adopted her two daughters, Aimee and Lucia, made us one big happy family that has given him seven prize grandchildren. John and Mary live and work in Santa Cruz, California after an 11 year sojourn in Eastern Europe, Latin America and China. John was a builder of schools and playgrounds for orphanages; Mary taught English. They are passionate "Incarnational" learners and Internationals who have been stretched across oceans, rivers and mountains to touch those less fortunate than they.