Sonia Ivie

Lagos, Nigeria

In a world where family values are fast eroding and the seeming ‘dullness and laxity ’ in spiritual foresight is eating deeper into the body of Christ, Sonia has to passion in ensuring that the ‘old time religion’ that kept the fathers of faith going is restored especially back in the family unit. As a minister of God, her pulpit is her classroom and workplace where she endeavours to counsel and bring comfort and succour to everyone that comes across her way. A disciplinarian, she believes in giving everything it takes to get the job well done at first attempt. She therefore will not accept less from anyone working with her. Closely following in the footsteps of her mentors and “Spiritual father”, she believes in the value of sacrificial love which gives and expects nothing in return. This is encapsulated in the fact that all we do should be for the lamb and our soon coming king who will rewards everyone according to their deeds. There also awaits everyone who overcomes; a final thank you from the father of lights. A professional teacher, Educationist and trainer with several years of teaching and learning experience, she is happily married to Richard and they are blessed with 3 wonderful children.

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