I love the wilderness! ...I have an ultimate fascination and experience with the spiritual realm of God through faith in Jesus Christ, ...I am a 2 time 1st place award winner of 2 jurried competitions and have taught Junior and Adult Art Classes, ...I love home design and decor, ...I am a Gospel Song writer with guitar developing, ...I am inspired by Phil Schmohl of Word Press Writing and Poems, to write poems, ...but best of all I am a Bible College graduate Minister of W I B I and have traveled to the far north of Canada for over 20 years to preach the Good News of the Gospel, counsel women, and pray for the sick! ... I am a Revivalist Evangelist to bring spiritual awakening to the slumbering church with a heart for the lost souls from God! ...and my first priority is the purposes and plan of God in all things! Sonja Grinstead...

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