Tony T

Was a music major.
Spent 20 years in the Navy Music Program.
Lived in in Florida 10 years.
Have been in SC for 8 years.

I have been over-weight for about 25 years now. Exercise stopped working so much when I reached 30 years of age. I didn’t start trying to curb how much and what I was eating until I was 40. When I did, that wasn’t working either.

Now, I have found out that WHEN you’re eating is as important as WHAT you’re eating. Intermittent fasting thus far has been kind of easy for me. It is the best thing I have done in 20 years for my health. It has brought my a1C into a normal range. I have lost weight, and am still losing weight.

My body will probably never be the way it was when I was in my 20’s, but I can at least make things better for the coming years.

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