Well Hi!
This is Sorav, Sorav Rawat from India. He is eighteen. But He mention himself on social media platform as "soravrawat8" on earth (due to world population 7,584,145,542- Just in case someone's acting irreplaceable). In case of Mars it will same bro.

1. High speed typwriter (Accuracy rate 97.3%).
2. Computer Skill - master on MS Office.
3. Intermediate by PCM (physics, chemistry, maths) from Government College of
India with 80% score.
4. ITI (Industrial Training Institution) from Electrician Trade (about 2 years) by
NCVT (National Council of Vocation Training - setup by government of india in
1956) with Rank A.
5. HDFC Bank and Ambuja cement foundation course about 6 month on
Computer management and Ms office.

1. Townhall 11 max on Clash of Clans (just for fun ^ ^ ).

Movies, Music
Writing, Typing, Reading,
Learning , Cooking, Running, Love2talk.

More details following…..

Currently working on :-
1. Bachelor’s on Maths or CS.
2. Python
3. Master’s on Business after Bachelor
4. Phd on nothing (out of range).

At last :-
Once in a golden time in a town named Redhood. A student called Sorav,
always come from a street after school where all gamblers gathered and
speculating together. There are lot of gamblers but no one never win the game
because there was always only one winner everytime – 56 years old man Mr.
Victor. *no one can’t beat him since 38 years. Sorav try once but as I said*. At
evening when everybody go,
Sorav asked him-
“Why do you never lose?”
And he says-
“You can’t beat me, in my own game!”

Thanks to visit me.

( I meet online here about 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, according to India standard time.
and you can also mail or message directly anywhere, definitely you got replay
nearly in 12 to 24 hours after sending message.)