Savannah, GA

Bunny is a petite feisty greek belle with a love for words that start with the letter F!

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Bunny started blogging five years ago after a failed Tinder date. She had no blogging experience, and also no idea how others would handle her straightforward approach to life. She jumped straight in with a bottle of wine and created Southern Georgia Bunny. Now not only has she shared many dating fails with her beloved readers and there have been MANY. There have also been cooking disasters, road trip scares, sex gone wrong, and a lot of “WHAT THE FUCK” moments.

Bunny certainly has a way with words. The way she shares her adventures on her blog is refreshing and amusing. Her direct approach to writing is genuine. Bunny shares her inner thoughts of what real women are thinking. She gives ideas, tips, and advice on what the fuck not to do.

Grab a bottle of wine and join Bunny on her next escapade.

Because folks life is a fucking adventure!

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