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1995 baby, mexicana from Chicago. You can call me Kiki or Kikita. I'm a multidimensional gal who's vegan, loves cats, married at 20, lives in Cali, Chicago and Mexico, and enjoys making money from a computer.

I also run an online shop called VRGNCTAS and a blogger community on IG called Bloggers of Color (twitter

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I don't mind staying home all day, relaxing with cats, my soulmate and binge watching a show with some homemade vegan pizza (that Alexander made cause i can't cook).
I blog about law of attraction, being a mexican vegan, having met my soulmate, dealing with long distance, cats, how to cope with a skin condition, kpop, jdramas, art, anime and more lifestyle stuff.

I'm learning to fall in love with living and finding happiness in just being alive, I want my readers to find that happiness too ♡

↳ i'm an ambivert,but i love making friends. talkative only to those i'm comfortable with. shy irl, so I naturally am good at being open online.

I'm a lover of sharing my health wealth and happiness with my readers.

↳ loves: my cute soulmate (Alexander), Nu'est, joy (park sooyoung) other kpop groups, memes, pastels, cute things. j-drama, anime, making playlists and lists in general, genuine kind people, matcha, editing themes, the number 9, (can this get any longer?)
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