only lately 've been real (er): what David was was the - well ... some people assume, bad move; they will never know

It is not thinking about Me, but dwelling with Me that brings perfect fearlessness. There can be no fear where I am. Fear was conquered when I conquered all Satanic power. If all My followers knew this, and affirmed it with absolute conviction, there would be no need of armed forces to combat evil.

what's to offer? friendship, being alone is the best way to be; quite ir-regardless, IF there be sunshine or gloom, each may add to us the beauty in ourselves... we might know what that peace involves in any way, searching for a love. I'm me, died in/to the state of Texas in 1992. The Dave there a jumbled passenger that's learned the past is a wonderful fun trip we took. Hoped you were there a joy. 'm all into not being proudtobeamerican.tumb

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