I have 3 blogs here on Wordpress.

Optimystics is the platform I've chosen to share my creative expressions. This is where I come to share my optimistic musings, my moral meanderings. It is my hope that you'll come across an image or a feeling you enjoy and come back for more. This is a best-case scenario for me. At worst, you'll have found a generally grammatical way to burn off a little more time 'til your next work break. If you do find something of value, please send me your feedback. Maybe together we can wander that road to creative happiness.

I created The Punchline to address common questions and concerns I get from students or colleagues on various aspects of the combative arts. It is my intention, that my reader become more familiar with terms and options associated with self-protection and the protection of loved ones. Tall order considering the limitations of the written word and my attempts and abilities to successfully (or unsuccessfully) navigate it. I'm hopeful. This is for you, the student of combat.

The final is an attempt to take my readers through the process of creating a work of science fiction from start to finish. It is terrifying. It is invigorating. Let's do it. Check out GCC Invictus here on Wordpress.

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