Spiritual Fruit In Our Society

I know the suffering of spiritual assault that hinders a constructive lifestyle & when frustration & anger seems to be the sole option - I know we can actually defeat the negativity through tolerance & optimism. I wish to pass on that realization to all through this blog.

I have made my personal spiritual thoughts available to the public for free. They are e-books that can be downloaded or read directly on-line. They are in the form of essays. If you want to see these, go to Smashwords and do an author search for Roman New. The four e-books include, "Values of A Spiritual Mind: 16 Essays for Living." "Fruit Amidst the Thorns: 40 Prized Essays." "Spiritual Evolution: From Flint Stones to Civil Tones." And, "Nursery Rhymes for Adult Spiritual Enrichment."