I've been on a path to awakening to my higher vibration since childhood. I've lived with anxiety and nervousness since a small boy not fitting comfortably into a confident role in many facets of my life. I failed the 11 plus exam to attain a place in grammar school at the translational age of 11. This scarred me and left me with a profound fear of failure that I'm working on shedding through my spiritual growth. I've always been interested in a deeper aspect of myself beyond the physical facade that appears to the world and will fade away or cease to exist in a certain time to come. The strong held faith in a spiritual aspect to the self led me down the road of studying mystics and spiritual writers such as st faustina, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle and Lee Carroll to name a few. All have pointed me on my chosen path to an awakened consciousness of a higher realm that is prophesied for the self and the planet at this juncture in time and space. I hope your visit to my site offers some help on that path for you also, as we ascend together onto an exciting higher plane of existence for gaia.... altering our beings to thrive in a energetic field of peace, harmony and love!