Lisa Heavenbound

Hi my name is Lisa, I believe all people are stars in their own circle of life, even if we are not on a big screen or in a book. We are the make up of this world we live in, we are the one's who actually make our surroundings work, by loving, helping, encouraging, showing, teaching others agape love, and integrity, compassion, and much more and raising our children to show it too..

Against all odds I had two children, raised them to have a heart for others in every way possible. Putting themselves before others and they do in various ways. All to glorify our heavenly Father, showing love, compassion, empathy, integrity, etc. Doing unto others as they would like others to do unto them in kindness, compassion, etc. This is a learned way of life, it is an on going way of learning to love others unconditionally. When we teach our children to be this way, life is better for them, us and all our surrounding neighbors, family, friends, church members, co workers and many more!

I am a STAR and I believe we all are even though majority don't see themselves as a "STAR". My blog is not only to help others see that they are stars too, also to help parents teach and raise their children to have higher self esteem than they do and see themselves as stars too! If I being a neglected child can do this anybody can do it. It is all about being selfless and putting others first, by not neglecting yourself!