Carol Whitney -Pranashakthi Master Healer and Teacher

Pranashakthi Mahavidya is an ancient energetic modality from India which utilizes infinite dimensions and connection to cosmic consciousness/source energy to remove suffering in all its forms. Pranashakthi rapidly changes physical and mental imbalances both in person and remotely. Carol is highly Clairesentient, has Knowing, and can sense intuitively how to specifically help a person or animal based on the Divine guidance. She has the ability to hold space and channel at a deep level for peace, unconditional love and transformation of both physical and mental conditions. Carol lifts the vibrational environment and holds frequencies that encourage a person to shift to wellness. She also balances and clears energy from the root. She can program crystals for the individual, and can call in dolphin energies and utilize sacred geometry as well as many other techniques. Each session is individually tailored.
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Phone # 415-424-8503