I was born and raised in Northern Ireland and reside, for the moment, in Duluth Minnesota.

I am a Stoic by nature and a fan of Friedrich Nietzsche, and of Seneca, and Epictetus.

So tired, so disillusioned at this point in time. I cannot even begin to point words at...never mind.

I am tired; I have lived all lives in this one. Loved too much, if that is possible, earned too much, lost too much, and this I have done many times over.

Most of my writing to date has been poetry with one book published to date although I am working on several novels as well.

At first glance it might seem I am somewhat negative but that is far from the truth, I am a watcher, always trying to see what is really there when the niceties and falsehoods are stripped away.

Steve. aka Stoic