The title of this site sounds rather crass. I don't REALLY have a favorite child. However, my children, ages 16, 13 and 2, often ask me "who's your favorite?" Of course I give the correct and obligatory mother answers like: "I don't' have a favorite," "You are all my favorites," "You are all amazing," "I'm lucky to be your mother," and "This cheese really is tasty." They all are really good kids. Different in their own ways with varying strengths and weaknesses, but great nonetheless.
However, let's be honest. There are days when one of your kids rises to the top over the others; they win an award at school, offer to give the baby a bath, tell me they like my cooking, clean up without being asked 15 times. It doesn't mean you love them any more than the others, but it's just like its "their day" on that particular day.
Conversely, there are days when one of them is simply horrid. You think, "where did this spawn of Satan come from?"; or something to that effect. Did I really give birth to this? There must have been a mix up in the hospital nursery because surely any being that I nurtured and grew inside my own body would never speak to me in such a manner and disrespect me this way! Yep. They will.
I have decided that as a release, a type of outlet if you will, I will blog about my favorite or least favorite child on a particular day. The ranking system that I have decided on allows for positive and negative rankings. For instance, if Aubrie has 3 times as favorite and 2 times as least favorite, her ranking would be 3/-2. There won't always be a favorite each day. Some days will only have a least favorite.
Check out who's ahead today : )

Let's see how it goes!