Steve Laker

West Malling

I'm a writer with mental health labels, writing about being a writer with mental health labels: Pinhead with Post-It notes. I started writing on the streets, like a budget Charles Bukowski. I favour debate over conflict, the dialectical method of thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

I have a lot more going on in my head, behind the mask of a cracked actor. I write fiction and non-fiction, under my own name, and as a freelance copywriter and ghostwriter.

As a scientific atheist, I believe science and religion can co-exist. Knowledge comes with death's release but while I'm here, I care about the home we all share with those who were here first. I'm a liberal socialist, an anarchist in the name of freedom and liberty against fascism.

I'm a regular contributor of short fiction to a webzine and I've had over 60 stories published online and in print. I've published two novels (one critically-acclaimed), two anthologies and an award-winning children's book. I'm working on other books and I continue to write short stories for a third collection.

The rest is contained within this blog, where I wear my heart on my left hand.

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