Andrew Rodrigues

I brushed with spirituality when I was a young lad. I often took part in church services seriously, as we hailed from a pious RC family. My parents were devout, and at home, I used to lead the family prayer-time daily.

I was born in Goa and was bred in Mumbai, India where I studied and was a college dropout in my final year of Bachelor of Commerce. My first job as a stenographer came to me automatically as my late father worked for a leading publishing house in Mumbai. He passed away while he was in service and I fortunately inherited the job-quota given to employees' children! This secured my career and I was reluctant to study further (a fact which I regret even now!). Being the youngest amongst four siblings, and older ones settled in their vocation, I had an advantage finding a job in this company. I had a penchant for writing which came through my father who was a news-proofreader. I was exposed to the editorial department and soon I got opportunities to write for periodical magazines and local dailies. I had spent three decades of my life in Mumbai.

Having got married in 1993, I later left the shores of India with my beautiful wife and daughter to work in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where I spent the next two decades there, which was a home away from home! I enjoyed writing letters to the editor and columns for a local daily, and was soon commissioned to write major interview articles for Gulf dailies and magazine. I even edited and proof-read two of my past employers' in-house newsletters. The fame I got was not satisfying, as it didn't give God the glory He deserved! Later, I switched on to writing spiritual articles.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me the biblical truth in 1998 that Jesus is the only "way and the truth and the life..." (John 14: 6), but it took me another eight years to convince myself and live the "truth"! God blessed us with another daughter in 2002 in Bahrain.

In 2006, my family and I had joined a Bible-centred church and and got water-baptised in 2008 and became a follower of Christ ever since. It was not an easy journey though, as it had its own challenges in following Jesus Christ. To know more about God, I went on to complete a series of Bible study on the "Life & Letters of Paul", "Jeremiah - The Prophet of Hope", "Pentateuch" and "The Life of Christ". I am not an erudite of the Bible though but yet learning. What I have already learnt, I wish to impart my knowledge via this medium (blog), as we are commanded by Jesus Himself through Mark 16: 15-16 "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned." When I read it, I felt Jesus was making this statement to me personally and I needed to act!

I returned back to India with my family in 2018. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and with no job, I thought I must begin by hammering this blog!

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and be blessed.

Andrew Rodrigues