Strictly Aspie


I am told I am blunt to the point of insult. People share that view of me because they have no understanding of Aspergers. Their problem, not mine. It will occur to them one day, that I really have no desire for their approval.
I have Aspergers Syndrome and that means I process information differently then you. So expect things to be different from an entirely different perspective. I vowed I would not filter anything on this blog. This blog is about me, my thoughts, my actions, my life, my feelings, everything: and it is 100% honest. I will not camouflage one single bit. I will not make a bad seem better, more acceptable and I will not downplay a good. I make no apologies for anything I write and I am leaving political correctness right out of my writings. Political correctness is dishonest. You will find my views, my feelings, my beliefs, my perspective changes. I will argue one point one day and possibly the opposite the next and that is honest because people are not static, we are evolving, learning, changing every damn day. So, like it or not, this is me in all it’s rawness. Warmest Regards Shannon

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