Hi, my name is Phil Timmermans and i have been learning the art of trading the forex for roughly about five years now. I have learnt many different strategies both fundamental and technical. Throughout that time i have had two main mentors. My first mentor was a Mr Steve Gregor who was very technical, but also strong on mindset which is crucial in forex trading. Sadly he passed away this year. My second mentor is a Mr Ken Baggett who runs Simple Trading Solutions. I have been under Kens tutorship for the last two years as he has grown his company from the ground up. He caters for many different types of traders weather it be intraday, swing, positional, fundamental, technical beginner or advanced and as his company name suggests they keep their strategies simple. I have been inspired by Ken to create a blog to highlight all the training and services that he offers in the hope that i can share with as many people as possible the opportunity of financial freedom.