I started writing haikus out of frustration about some bureaucratic issues. I was pissed, and I was grumpy - and grumpyandpissed became.
There is also a novel which you can check out for free if you happen to have Kindle Unlimited. It's a funny, light - but not shallow - read, I think perfect for the beach. Not your typical chick lit novel but still with good ingredients.
It took me a few years to finish it because I would often just set it aside thinking that it was 'no good', but then I would pick it up a few months later and realize that I still liked it and enjoyed reading it. Then I'd think that maybe my reason for liking it was the obvious reason that I wrote (was writing at the time) it...but hopefully not, as I try to look at it as detachedly as possible.
What else...I had four short crime stories published and reviewed very positively by some tough (well read) critics and I am thinking of developing them into short novels. I don't know about you, but I am getting tired of book being some 120 000 words long - seems like a current trend - of which 40 000 are completely unnecessary. I've read a few of that kind recently...actually speed-read (you know, a few sentences per page, looking for meaning!) because who wants to waste time on reading things that don't give anything back?
I hope nobody feels like that about my book. I hope they get something out of it. A laugh. An idea. A recognition. Some inspiration. Hope maybe.


I moved grumpyandpissed to self-hosting and lost all the 'likes' in the process. I know it sounds trivial but I do miss them because the site looks less colorful without them, and less loved. So bummer for that. So grumpyandpissed.