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Author completed his culinary degree from a renowned Switch Culinary Management Institute. Received 11 grand awards from India and 3 from other countries.

India is the world’s most diversified country, where food culture and language change after every 20 kilometer. Travelling all rural remote Indian villages and cities since 1999 to discover, research, cook and taste every Indian food, yes every, i.e. Regional, Aboriginal, Traditional, Historical, Modern and Fusion foods. Discovered 72,593 Indian dishes, tasted 9,741 dishes, cooked 7,925 dishes and is on. Claimed to be the world’s largest food collection. Presently engaged to make © WORLD’S LARGEST FOOD BLOG® along with © BEST INDIAN FOOD BLOG®

Study says, Culinary arts, arts of Preparation, Cooking and Presentation of food, usually in the form of meals. People working in this field are commonly called Chefs or Cooks, although, at its most general, the terms Culinary Artist and Culinarian are also used. Table Manners (the table arts) are sometimes referred to as a Culinary Art. Expert Culinarians are required to have knowledge of Food Science, Nutrition and Diet and are responsible for Preparing Meals that are as pleasing to the eye as well as to the plate. And Taste is the next.

In my opinion and experience, Cooking is an art. Only recipes and theories are not enough to make a dish perfect. Same recipe but different cook makes the dish different. Always use your skill, experience and innovative ideas to prepare the dish better than the original. Recipe + Cook = Dish.

Cook when you are hungry. The best time to cook when you are hungry. Your hunger will help you to be a better cook. Your Taste Buds will inform you to add the exact quantity of right content and suitable spices at the right time, etc. to prepare a best recipe for the time. When you are not hungry enough, then your mind may be confused to taste. But if you are a professional then no way out, just follow what you learnt from training and theories. That is why most amateur can make better dish than most of professionals!

If you are a Gourmet, you must be a Good Chef by mind and soul just you need ‘will’ and ‘practice’ both along with. ...Thanking You.