Succulent Savage

Welcome to my blog! I started this blog a few months ago. Now that it's taking off and I've got my husband sparked to write we've joined forced in a dual paged blog which reflects various parts of both our lives.

We are your typical married couple... kinda. We met through some shared kinks on a social media site a little over a year ago. We live together, work, play, pay bills... all the normal things couples do. We just do ours with a kinky twist. I call my husband "Daddy" to reflect the Dominant/submissive nature of our relationship. i am His submissive in all things. i am His owned and collared property along with being His wife. The wife part came a little later.

Daddy calls me "kitten". i am a babygirl. All that means is that i'm a sweet, obedient sub. Don't get me wrong, i like to be a brat... quite often. More often than not, i'm very obedient and more than happy to please my Daddy. i am also a little. Daddy and i don't engage in age play. We don't ever pretend i'm a little girl during sex and certainly not HIS daughter!!! We're good with others doing it. It hits the EWWWW factor for us both.

In our vanilla lives, I'm a housewife. I'm intelligent, artistic, a creative home chef, and a retired mental health worker. Mr. McDaddy is well seasoned in the hospitality industry. He's got stories galore to tell!!! Come to think of it, I could probably share some funnies and insights into my former work life. You'll see posts from us both on all sorts of subjects. My favorite subject to write about is Daddy. ♥

I hope those who follow my personal blog will also enjoy my Daddy's writings on His end of the blog at