Sunday's Child (trying to be full of grace).

Hello, my name is Daleen and yes indeed, I was born on a Sunday.

Sure glad you stopped by.  I just poured a great cup of coffee.  How do you like yours?  Coconut cream and nectar?  Hey, that is exactly how I like mine!  We are going to get along just fine.

My blog is a place that I can explore all the big and teeny tiny stuff that challenges me to live with a grateful spirit. It is a space that I can talk out loud and hear what you have to say on topics that twist me in knots. I like to write/think out loud how to sneak in more health and wellness into this party called life.

I am grateful & giddy for 35 years dancing with Mr. Right.  I love baking for him.  I love twirling my hair when I talk about what we are up to. Can you tell, I am smitten?

I am grateful and I have a tendency to go on and on about our grown boys & daughter-in-laws, two grandgirlies, 3-year-old grandson,  Sweet Liberty our 14 year old Golden Retriever and five chickens.

I love sassy red cowgirl boots.    I like flirty girlie shoes, salty popcorn, toenail polish, watching hockey games, (secretly loving when they drop the gloves and start swinging, for some strange reason, I can't look away), the smell of fresh cut grass, onion rings, drawing with a stick on the beach, eating way too much sushi at one meal & trying to wear blue jeans everyday of my life.

There is absolutely no room on my full plate for ugly shoes or canned peas.

Heartfelt thanks for pushing my swing by leaving a comment.

It tickles my fancy to know someone is out there listening on their end of the string with the tin can attached.

In this together.

Can I get you more coffee?