Rachel Christine Mass

Akron, Ohio

Rachel Christine Mass (they/she pronouns) is a freelance research and administrative assistant, digital content creator, and social media strategist who enjoys writing everything but autobiographies. They graduated from Kent State University in December 2018 with a BA in English and minors in Political Science and Philosophy and would like to pursue a degree in Library and Information Science in the near future.

Born in Youngstown, Ohio at the peak of Aries season, Rachel is now 25 years old and lives in Akron, Ohio after relocating there earlier this year. They are a cofounder and chapter leader of the non-profit Ohio DanceSafe and also serves the role of social media coordinator in addition to recently taking on e-mail marketing and blogging projects for the organization. They are also an Alumni and conference panelist for Students for Sensible Drug Policy and a certified peer educator and drug safety volunteer. They are passionately involved in harm reduction, drug policy reform, police and prison abolition, and anticapitalist work in general. They have participated in several local and national organizations and events related to these causes and strive to engage with their local community and surroundings in any way they can. They would like to label themselves independent researcher, avid reader, and dedicated writer, but could more accurately be described as an overly curious and easily distracted person with obscure interests.

In their free time, they enjoy thinking about writing novels without ever acting on it, watching bad horror movies, and developing an emotional connection to plants. They also enjoy hiking an camping and dream of one day visiting every National Park in the US. They have been working especially hard on becoming a published writer and a respected in political and literary discourse and are focused on channeling experiences with neurodivergence, trauma, bisexuality, poverty, and other personal circumstances into meaningful works of writing and art.

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