Rachel Mass (they/she)

Akron, Ohio

Hi, I'm Rachel! My pronouns are they/them and she/her. I am an independent researcher, writer, content creator, comprehensive editor and reviewer, social media coordinator, and administrative assistant

Born in Youngstown, Ohio at the peak of Aries season, I am a lifelong resident of northeast Ohio. I have bounced between cities a few times, moving to Kent*
for several years to go to college. I ultimately graduated from Kent State University in December 2018 with a BA in English and minors in Philosophy and Political Science. Just earlier this year, I relocated to Akron, where I currently share an apartment with my long-term partner and have been very happy so far.

My interests include thinking about writing novels without ever acting on it, watching bad horror movies, and developing an emotional connection to plants. I have been working especially hard on becoming a published writer contributor to political and literary discourse and focus on channeling unique lived experiences and research into meaningful works of writing and art.

I do a lot of creative writing I would like to have a platform for and I also love to do random self-assigned research projects I would like to share here as well. I paint things sometimes, which I am comfortably mediocre at. I also draw from time to time...I'm actually just bad at that. I am planning to go back to school for library science and am extremely passionate about reading, writing, and seeking out new knowledge in general.

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