Musings from a Tangled Mind

I'm a mother of two beautiful individuals, passionate animal advocate, avid book reader, horror movie buff, Marvel comics lover, Doctor Who obsessed, and a complete nerd.

One day I may write about animal advocacy and then seamlessly shift to a dissertation on the glowing merits of Despicable Me. After that maybe an exuberant rant on a newly discovered cheap chardonnay you would swear Trader Joe’s paid me to write. That might be followed up with a trip up, over, around, and down the ol’ family tree where I expose my roots which could lead into recalling a disastrous hair dyeing fiasco where I tried to hide my roots. See what I did there? Nice pun, right?

Anyway, while I’m not quite sure what the nucleus of this blog will be, my main hope is that you dip, swerve, and zigzag in your enjoyment.

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