NW Ashe Co., NC

SurveyPastor does it in the woods and in the church!

Son of Rev. George B. Culbreth, direct family linage of Methodist ministry dating provably to 1780 and potentially to 1764 or earlier, but ran from the church for 34 years. thus the practice of surveying. Being actively involved with the land and owner (?steward?) issues has been a wonderful teacher both in diplomacy and conflict resolution.

Having also studied Native American Traditions, Buddhist practice, and Druidic practice (with smatterings of more belief systems through friends) has resulted in my Universalist views religously. Love my reading and music, love the outdoor professional venue of surveying, love people and making them smile. I am quietly active in social issues, believing in working as much as possible within the existing social structures, but willing to participate in radical change when called for.....

Personal Mission: To Bring Spirituality Back To Religion