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Nashville, TN

My name is Susan Langer and I began blogging over four years ago on the WP platform. My blog Has evolved over time and through defining my niche, Susan's Thoughts and Musings gave birth to Susans Soul creating content like Susans Soul Thoughts, Poetry and Prose with my poetic and prose writings on, Old Soul Thoughts, Inspiration. Also, you might visit my newest blog, To Reach for the Light, at It's a blog full of affirmations and motivation content.

I love writing prose and poetry and being creative. I have been writing since I was a child. I currently live near beautiful and scenic Nashville, TN and am retired from Nursing over 30 plus years as an RN with my degree in Psychology. You can visit me at my website, Or my page on Facebook at: Come on and check it out, sit, get comfy, drink coffee or tea (we have both) and read awhile. You'll enjoy.
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