Suzanne Grandt

Suzanne Grandt is an accomplished legal professional based in San Francisco, California. She is currently working for the California State Bar as the Assistant General Counsel and has earned a strong reputation for solving complex legal issues with ease and professionalism. Suzanne specializes in compliance, constitutional law, government ethics, animal law, proposed legislation and immigration law.

Suzanne Grandt earned a BA in Political Science and Government at Boston University and later enrolled in law school where she graduated at the top of her class. In the early years of her career, Suzanne worked for a variety of firms in New York City where she handled litigation, pre-trial preparations, drafting and cross-examination preparations. Her work in New York culminated in her as Assistant Attorney General of New York where she served as lead counsel. Ultimately Suzanne decided to follow her passion and accepted a position in California working in the law field with the government. Her most significant accomplishment in her current role was her fingerprinting discovery. Suzanne uncovered the fact that many practicing lawyers were not in compliance with the law as they had not had their fingerprints recorded. After enhancing policies and drafting new procedures she ensured the entire organization was compliant.