Suzette Bohne' Sommers


I realized I was a writer very early on, so entered college as a journalism major. I had written little fiction prior to writing my MFA Thesis. Looking back at my personal journals I found that I spent much of my life in a career that invited unexpected involvement in the sensual world of the arts and theatre. An unimaginable immersion in the underworld of beauty and backstage delights in many associated venues offered plenty of fodder for my stories. All my secrets were sleeping there waiting for me to wake them and share with you, my audience. My life has been an extraordinary adventure! My sexuality awakened early, and I found love within lust at a rather young age. What was I to do? I delved into answering the question; who can one trust? Sometimes a girl cannot find love without abuse. I answered the question... Can a woman love or trust a man no matter how she re-invents herself? Yet this does not describe the whole of my writing. The novels are driven by my love of adventure and romance.