SweetDreams by Ena

My name is Ena and my passion is baking!
Facts about me:
1) My name is pronounced like Jenna; just hold the J.
2) I got married in March 2019 to my wonderful husband, Rob.
3) I'm a dog mom to a Frenchie who is arguably the greatest dog ever.
4) I'm from Sarajevo, Bosnia originally. My mom and I moved to Soria, Spain after the war in Bosnia began when I was 3. After my dad joined us in Spain, we moved to Maryland in the States and have been here ever since.
5) I'm fluent in English and Bosnian; conversational in Spanish so long as my conversation partner is patient.
6) I've lived in: Baltimore, Towson, Arlington, Rockville, NYC, and Jersey City in the past 10 years.
7) I absolutely adore baking; it soothes my soul. Cooking is a close second.
8) I've been gluten free for 5 years secondary to a diagnosed gluten allergy. It's been life changing as far as my gut health and overall well being.
9) I love sharing my recipes and have been asked for them for years (I even had a food blog with a friend in grad school). I've finally decided to create something to share all of my baking and cooking adventures.
Thanks for stopping by!! I hope that you see something you like and give it a try! Most of the things I share are very easy to make and recreate. I strive for easy and delicious recipes.