I go by the name of winsRoverated (wins) or Chris. I'm a 26-year old amateur writer (poetry, short stories, and blogging) and photog. I've been writing ever since I found out I had a talent for it (14 or 15 y/o). I got one of my poems from English class published, along with other high school students in the area. Private school education sheltered me, but I can write one, mean sonnet! Joking, of course.

I like anything geeky. I've been playing video games ever since my dad got me into it (Super Mario 64 was my first... err, um game). I was always into anime (mostly from Toonami), but didn't really "get" into it when I was 18. I got hooked from Death Note like how L is hooked on sweet, baked goods, hah. Then I started going to cons!

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