Sheila “Spiral Sister” Murrey


I'm the author of the book, "Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life”, as well as two blogs. I write about holistic health and wellness, and spiritual topics. My intention is to share what I have learned and integrated into my daily life to help uplift and lighten others. Everyone can live a balanced, soul-aligned, and wholly vibrant life!

I am a holistic health festival event emcee, and spirit-filled, soul-aligned transformational leader and speaker in the beautiful sunny state of Florida.

I am a vibrant spiritual being living a Soul-connected earthly experience.

My mantras: Align with Spirit in ALL ways. Go with your "God bumps" flow to FEEL your Soul-alignment ALL the time. Study at your Passion. Gather knowledge. Pray. Meditate. Then, Take It Upon Yourself to walk your talk, practice what you preach, and integrate all you learn into your day-to-day, so you joyfully express Omni-everything!

We Are All Connected.
Everything Resolves to Gratitude.

Life's an ADVENTURE! Now, go have FUN!

Disclaimer: I'm an Information Technology professional (of 30+ years). Most of my work deals with data and documentation management on large-scale relational database application software and systems. I've been working remote, from home, for nearly 5 years.

I am NOT a doctor or health practitioner, though I confer with natural and holistic health professionals as a writer and emcee at health festivals and events.

I encourage folks to FIRST seek natural and holistic health remedies when they begin to notice any irregularity in their mind or body. I believe multiple opinions offer us the most hope and support when challenged with any health issue.

I support you in your quest to find holistic, alternative, licensed, professional health and wellness providers.

I am a meditator, mostly a plant-based eater, more tree hugger than consumer, advocate of simple and minimalist living, and grandmother of three fantastic granddaughters (who live far from me, but with whom I video chat with weekly and visit in person whenever possible). Prior to 8/2021 my husband and I lived in an RV full-time for 11 years, the last 17 months of which, were Off-Grid.


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