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We are Agni and Amrita, two backpackers from Kolkata, India. We are chalk and cheese in nature. Agni is gregarious, fun loving and prolific person. Amrita meanwhile is the quirky nerd, thoughtful & methodical one among the two. It is the love for each other and for travel that binds us together. We believe in being wings to each other and travelling helps us in doing so.

Both graduates from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, we are bankers by profession and backpackers by choice, travellers by passion. Amrita has always loved travelling and she successfully transmitted this wanderlust in Agni after marriage!

Travelling has opened a new horizon to us, made us more responsible and enriched our experience. Travel showed us new places, taught us new customs, helped us overcome our limits and realise our dreams.

We are travelling since 2010. Tale of 2 Backpackers is our travelogue where we share our stories through writings and photographs. We wish to travel each and every corner of India, explore the pristine beauty of India and let the world know about this dimension of India. While travelling, we prefer staying at homestays with the locals, taste the local cuisines, take the local transport and be a part of the customs and traditions of that place. As we travel and explore offbeat places and cultures, taste various cuisines, be a part in different activities and experience the nature at her best, we want others to know about them.

We hope to inspire to inspire all those who keep postponing their travel plans for later, to start discovering the joys of travelling. We will be really happy if our travel stories inspire others to travel and to realise their dreams.

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