Mohamed Taman


Sr. Enterprise Architect @DevTech Beograd, Serbia. A frequent consultant with 16+ years' experience in Java and Software industry.

A Java Champion, and Oracle Developer Champion, IoT / Mobile/ Web / Big Data / Cloud / Blockchain / DevOps Architect, JCP, 2013-2015 Duke Award winner 3 times, 2013 JCP award winner, International Speaker.

Authored a “JavaFX 8 essential” book, "Getting started with clean code, Java SE 9", and “Hands-On Java 10 Programming with JShell” video training for Packt and LinkedIn Learning (Lynda), a technical reviewer of “Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud” book for Packt Publishing.

Working for many years with different tech areas Java, Web, Blockchain, ML, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Mobile, DevOps. A Java champion who enjoys working on Java SE, EE, & JavaFX. I am speaking worldwide in many conferences, spreading my knowledge, best practices, & evangelize what we do in the Java ecosystem.

6 years of speaking at many great and big conferences including Devoxx UK, Belgium, Morocco, VoxxedDays Istanbul, Belgrade, Romania, JFokus, JavaOne 12 times, Oracle Code, Oracle OpenWorld, JavaDays Ukraine, JavaZone, GeeCon Poland, Code Europe, GDG, Google DevFest, Devnexus Atlanta, and many more.

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