Hi I'm a Friend my Freelance writer whose inspired by sooo many things that she reads.. I have a great since observation.. I guess that's why Photography is something I succeed in in its like second nature to me.. I m a traveling artist who have no kids.. but has the opportunity to work with haddon township I miss the kids there my hero, even though treated like I was theres in a state called NJ. I 've travelled every where.. some associates of mine would joke and ask me if I have Gypsy in my blood.. according to my research and my DNA testing I'm not.. I just love to travel.. I'm a black american.. I'm originally from Detroit but I haven't live there in 20 years.. I'm a resident.. in the state of NJ. I came back to this state.. after recovering from
A marriage that failed.. got tied of the drama behind that.. and the 1 00 something dry weathier.. and return back to to NJ