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I'm a member of the management team behind the British AI bot developer velmai. It builds White Labels and customised chatbots for deployment on corporate websites, blogs and microsites, as well as Instant Messaging platforms or global chat apps.

velmai [Virtual Empirical Lifeform with Multifunctional Artificial Intelligence] is unique in the emerging bot landscape because it is one of a handful of bot builders globally that owns its own code. We have a Proprietary Algorithm called VAIP [Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois].

Apart from my velmai business, I work on a contract basis for various international tech companies and large corporations, coaching executives and staff on:

# how to implement Greenfield Projects (pilots and new tech applications) related to Artificial Intelligence algorithms

# and the most effective use of bots for business development, specialising in corporate software (backend and customer facing) and SME systems.

A core competence of the velmai bots is sales, marketing and PR. I rely on these insights to support forward-thinking companies in developing their own digital strategies using this 21st century form of client liaison, customer service and high tech advertising.

I've lived in Berlin, Nuremberg, Cologne, Lake Constance, Switzerland, Australia, the UK and now the Cote d'Azur where I am a part-time Adjunct Professor at France's largest business school, SKEMA (

Nevertheless Berlin was my intellectual, spiritual home for over 20 years where I worked as a

- academic in the Humanities & Cultural Studies
- special correspondent for The Wall Street Journal Europe and The Times Higher Education Supplement [now THE, The Times Higher]
- communications coach focussed on sales and business growth
- Creative Industries publicist and marketer
- business development project manager
- Investor Relations roles for tech start ups, business angels, private investors and VC funds.

My other home is just 40 minutes from London and all the major airports of the UK's capital on our family farm in Kent, known as the "Garden of England".

velmai Ltd Headquarters:
4 Burrows Park
North Devon, EX33 1EU
Great Britain.

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