Born in California in 1972, it was obvious to "AI PROFETS' that a the sign had come, another was born who will threaten "CORPORATE PROFITS", possibly The Pied Piper was reborn. and this time he was armed with a deadly high IQ for slaying corruption and a heart of incorruptible Gold rumored to have touch of Midas for lost souls. So a program as secret as the Manhattan project started to ''Shadow'' this being and assess the the threat and mitigate, eliminate and corrupt the eternal soul of this 'UNKNOWN VISIONARY SAINT. This is his journal, my journal of awakening to this ridiculous drama I was forced into by the hideous choice of 'Great power and pleasure over others by a small symbolic surrendering of the core values of my heart.' which when refused turned to 'an end to the torture, threats and insults if you will join our team and accept Satan as your Master.... You think I jest, the last parts are literally and exactly true to the best of my expression of my experience. I just made that up about my Targeting'' starting at birth, but The idea that I am a saint is an important distinction because I. think it is the only word strong enough to bring into clarity how strong. as been the campaign to corrupt or destroy me. Read on and you decide. Yours Truly and Grateful still with my soul intact. I know not how I have survived and become adept at testing attacks and have managed to Let go of much of the crippling fear that used to dominate my consciousness and. behavior. Now I try to focus on my Gratitude. All the technology that are described my experiences are real to the best of my ability to discern truth. Often times I have presented articles about the actual patents for the technology or how it works. I am just shooting from the hip