Tartaglia Arte was born in Rome in 1950 as a painting studio of the artist Piero Tartaglia, at the time known as the art name Pierry. After a few years, young talents gathered in the studio and, under the guidance of the Maestro, they each developed their own personal style.

The young talents of that time are now established artists.

Tartaglia's overwhelming passion for pictorial expression with explosions of pure color and with violent contrasts that bring the canvas to life, gives life to the school of Disruption.

Subsequently, the artist founded the Galleries for the permanent exhibition of his works and those of his students, which are directed by his son Riccardo.

The main objective of Tartaglia Arte, today an artistic organization, through Riccardo Tartaglia thanks to his experience growing in the world of art, operating in the sector of culture and art economy, together with his staff is to define curatorial paths , which tell the artist's production by assisting him in the choice of the theme of the project, developing the complete curatorial line, supporting and developing artistic projects in different disciplinary fields: visual arts, photography, performing, video art, and design, through exhibitions in public and private galleries, museums and institutions, fairs, events participation in competitions and publishing of editorials.

The Tartaglia Arte Artistic Organization is the result of the experience of the patron spirit, of the love and great passion of a man who has dedicated his life to art.

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