Bhanushree Kiran Diyaansh❤

Hello there!
Welcome to my Blog .
Loads of love from Taste blast @B-shree’s kitchen..
Myself BHANUSHREE K J being passionate about giving twist to Indian cuisine including traditional ones would like to share my ideas by exploring the delectable ones with minimal ingredients in an innovative way. Let’s keep in touch and do exchange/share our ideas in turn…
I am an INDIAN who is blessed to live in a small beautiful coastal city called mangalore which lies in the border of Karnataka & Kerala states. My husband is also from a city which lies in the border of these two states as well.
I am a fun loving ,active mom of the cutest toddler and also busy in my career as a lecturer in one of the most prestigious colleges of MANGALORE city. Besides these recently, I also started blogging say a few weeks ago. The urge in me to explore new tastes ,also my passion towards cooking couldn’t resist myself from giving a fresh start to this field. So here I am with all my creative ,new recipes, to share with you all ,though I am still learning new things and I want to keep my thirst and hunger to learn more and more alive forever.
According to me culinary is a great enjoyable art where one perceives the importance of minute tricks /things as he/she becomes proficient. I am really inquisitive to know about the footsteps of revolution of taste which had started long years ago….
On the whole whatever you cook, cook it to be appealing one also palatable one, moreover healthy one and serve it with joy, celebrate each bite, spread happiness and hence content your soul.