Former hydro engineer, presently graphic/web designer, passionate photographer and traveler.

I'm a busy person and want to do so many things - maybe too many. My knowledge and love about water are reflected on website, which cries to be updated :) Well, little by little I'm going back to it.

Since 1995 I spent almost all my time doing websites for other people (, but I think it's time to care more about myself.

I like to travel and and I'm also a passionate photographer. Hundreds of my travel pictures are mainly stored on my photography site: You can see some of them on my travel blog:

The fact that I won several online photography contests encouraged me to start selling my artwork as art prints for Wall and Home Decor, or accessories at Fine Art America. I’m proud to say that I have already sold some pieces trough my artist site: :)
... but there's even more on this - at FAA I have a group for travel artists and of course, I made a website for them. It's nice to see their posts explaining about what they have done:

Too many things to work on, but this is how I am and I like what I do even though I don't always have enough time for everything :)

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