I live in Tasmania the island state of Australia. I am on a low income and live simply on a budget, with two dogs on an acre in a beautiful rural location.
I enjoy photography and enjoy the times when the Southern Aurora or Aurora Australis visits.
I like gardening, and growing vegetables, fruit, hazlenuts, and flowers. I provide habitat for native animals and birds insects and am slowly restoring some mircosystems to health again.
I am not a brilliantly successful veggie grower but aim to improve each year.
I have Complex PTSD and can no longer work after a breakdown several years ago. As I grow stronger and become who I want to be. Letting go of all others have expected or desired of me.
I love dogs, and of course Echidnas, photography nature and living in the beautiful place. I am a very fortunate person. I also have Chooks, including a Rooster who goes by the name of Roopert, his six gals and recently the flock increased by 9 chicks.
Wallabies, potaroos, possums brush tail and ring tail, micro bats, blue tongue lizard, at least one tiger snake, bandicoots, Tasmanian Devils all visit my little acre, along with Kookaburras, Cockatoos and so many other birds. I have bumble bees, honey bees, and native bees in my garden, along with frogs. Geckos, and all sorts of other insects and wildlife. I have worm bins and am also breeding meal worms for my chooks.
I write about my life, and how living with my mental illness has bought about change for me. I am not sure if I am homesteading, I am really just living my life, doing what I enjoy. I share all sorts of things, and the beauty of where I live. I look forward to meeting you. Tazzie.