My name is Terrence Andre Banks and my goal and sole intention is being able to give you information age financial solutions to navigate the confusing and troubling world of student loans, credit, economic, and all things financial. I am a fanatic when it comes to anything financial and have been frustrated that outdated information is being sold to an unexpected population. I have been a victim of this misinformation to and this website is dedicated to help fix some of those wrongs.
I hold a bachelors degree in Sociology with a concentration in Economics and operated a real estate company for over 10 years. This all changed when the market collapsed in 2008. After that financial update in my life I began to study more deeper than ever into the world of economics, financial history, and money. I took on several contract positions with several large banking institutions such as Bank Of America, Suntrust in there back end operations. To expand even further on my education I took a position for a non profit company and got certified with the National Foundation For Credit Counseling. I hold 4 certifications: Certified Consumer Credit Counselor, Certified Housing Counselor, Certified Student Loan Counselor, and Certified Consumer Credit Educator.
Credit is how we function in fact our financial ability is centered breaths and strives on credit or more accurately your ability to obtain debt. That’s where I come in I have learned the ins and outs of this through experience, work and failure. I want you to benefit from all my years of experience and continued education. I am sincere in my passion to help and I have several websites in addition to this one that I also created to aid you with everything I know.