I am a writer of books for young adults for the most part. Romance is my poison. I am in the process of self-publishing my first novel. I welcome any and all support. In return you’ll get the same from me.

I started writing way back in elementary school. I made fan fiction based on anime I saw on tv. My original dream was to be a cartoonist. When high school came around my writing style evolved. I began writing my own stories based on the first few relationships I had. One day, freshman year, during World History class we were being taught about haikus. And of course mine were about romance. People liked them. Poetry turned into short stories I would post on Facebook. To my surprise people were following begging for more chapters. People I knew and even people I hardly talked to! So it began. I truly got dedicated to writing Junior year. I finished my first novel senior year.

I write mostly romance novels but I have branched out to virtually every genre. I have several projects in the making and at this point I believe I’ve hit all of them. If I haven’t I’ve hit the commonly known ones; romance, mystery, action, sci-fi, etc. So far I’ve finished two books. I’ve decided to publish the second one for the experience and to get my name out there in the book world.

Writing started out as a way for me to express my emotions. I would write after breakups, when I had a crush, stressed out or just happy. My very, very first novel was called Temptress. It was about this guy who had a girlfriend who was being distant than out of the blue on a stormy night, appears his ex. She locked herself out of her house and had nowhere to stay as her parents had left town. He let’s her stay and eventually hears her confess her love to him. So the boy is placed in-between choices; go back to his tempting ex(hence the title) or remain loyal to his distant ex. That entire story was based on my feelings towards an ex who was being distant. We all know how it feels to be ignored by someone you really admire. I wanted to get back at her so badly. I just wished someone who appreciated me would appear so she could know what it was like. That never happened so Temptress was conceived. People loved it.

Temptress however is not the book I finished. That book was my jumpstart to writing I guess you could say. Love Bleeds Red and Hero’s Tale are the two romance novels that I have finished. The second title is the one I am publishing. Temptress however makes an appearance in Hero’s Tale with a different title; Hero’s Wake. Love Bleeds Red is my favorite. Which is why it won’t be my first publish. I want to use the experience I gain from publishing Hero’s Tale to make it an even better second publish.

I get inspiration from my life experiences and dreams. I write characters based on people I meet and the stories are a mix of fantasy and reality. I like how you can be taken away to another world when you write. You create anything and everything. In a way I inspire myself during my daily life through my writing.

There are a few people notable who inspire me as well. I’ll name one and that is New Zealand singer-song writer Lorde. I really enjoy her music. She has an amazing voice but her lyrics are what get me. I can relate almost all of her songs to an aspect in my life. She is the first and will probably remain the only artist who I have ever bought an actual album from. I’m not much of a music fan. I will listen to Pandora, Spotify and Youtube but I was never interested in buying a cd until I heard her music. It was more of a respect thing than admiration thing for me. Her music is too inspiring for me to listen to it for free on Youtube. I felt that I owed her my respect for inspiring me so heavily. So I have both of her albums- Love Club and Pure Heroine.

I welcome fans, followers and other fellow writer’s and lovers of reading. I truly look forward to getting out there and living my dream. I’m not stuck-up at all and will give and receive any advice/inspiration from other writer’s and even critics. Thanks for reading.

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