Jeff Rab

East Texas

Hi! I’m Jeff. I’m originally from the Texas Gulf Coast and now live in East Texas with my wife, Janet. Between the two of us, we have eleven children, yes that’s right, 11 kids! With eleven children, and now a quickly growing multitude of grandchildren, there is always something going on! There is always something to do, always something to see, always a story to tell!

I currently work in the area of Human Resources in my “second career”. My first career was in the mental health field as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Both are right in the middle of the wonderful, ever-changing, bubbling, boiling pot of people that are almost always the same, yet so vastly individual and unique! It’s fun! In fact, I wish people watching was a paid profession!!

It’s in watching people that the simple moments of life seem to take you by surprise. It’s the day to day events, the activities of seemingly ordinary people with extraordinary qualities, that brings character to our regular routines. The most commonplace, even mundane slivers of the day often have the most profound meaning! Maybe it’s because in those moments, faith, work, character, and people, all intersect in the cross hairs of the scope of life.

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